Design Doc TemplateΒΆ

The template below can be used as a base for your own design documents.

Design Doc Template

This is a document that describes how to write a Taskforge design document. You
should replace this section with a small (1 paragraph or less) description of
what this design is for.


This section should contain a bullet pointed list of goals for this feature.
i.e. these bullet points will be the "definition of done" for this feature. No
prose is required here like this paragraph so you can replace or remove this as
necessary. Example goals of this document have been provided below.

- Provide a nice template for people to get started writing a design.
- Make designs consistent throughout the project.


This section is where you will talk detail about the technical specifications of
your design. This should be the bulk of your design and as you deem appropriate
should be split into sub sections.

Specific Goal Design

This describes the design of how we will achieve a specific goal we listed above.