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A task management tool.

Why use Taskforge?

Taskforge has many competitors and all of them are great choices for task management. So why build yet another "todo app"?

The answer is simple, most task management applications require that you duplicate data into them from other sources. Whether by work, or personal preference, our actual tasks are managed in different sources today. Whether that be JIRA, GitHub, Trello etc. the teams and people we interact with rarely use the same solution as we do. Furthermore, it's even less likely that you'll be able to use the same systems at work and on projects.

The downside of all this? These systems put the responsibility on you to duplicate that information into a format that you can digest.

This is the problem that Taskforge solves. It aggregates and integrates with existing systems and provides a unified interface for all the various tasks systems you're required to interact with.

Where do I start?

To help you get started with Taskforge we have comprehensive documentation no matter your background: